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College and Professional Credit

Many ISLS students who attend our different campuses and programs throughout Latin America and Spain require some type of credit be issued for their time with us. Also, many prospective students want to know that the courses and curriculums offered by ISLS are of the highest quality. To this end we have worked throughout our 15 years of teaching Spanish as a second language to ensure that our programs meet exacting academic standards.

Over the years we have had numerous Spanish professors, Education professionals and University officials visit our campuses and evaluate our curriculum and materials. They have attended our Spanish classes and have signed off on our training program for each and every one of our Spanish teachers. We continue to improve our programs and materials and are periodically audited by our accrediting institutions in order do guarantee our continued level of excellence and academic standards. You can feel very confident in the quality of the education you will receive through ISLS.

Currently we have three different types of accreditation:

All of our Spanish programs throughout Latin American and Spain are accredited through Loyola Marymount University for graduate level Professional Development and Continuing Education credit. Teachers, social workers and other professionals can earn salary points and meet state or federally mandated continuing education units through our programs with this credit.

For college students wanting to complete their Spanish requirement we have our Undergraduate College Spanish Degree Seeking Units through Brookhaven College in Dallas, TX. These credits have been accepted by colleges and universities around the US for transfer credit. Also, high school students who want to get a jump on their college carriers can receive these units. Only some of our campuses and programs, such as our Playa Tamarindo College Program have this accreditation, so you will need to contact an ISLS representative for more information.

Our Nursing Spanish program in Arenal, Costa Rica is accredited by the ANCC and California BRN for Category 1 Nursing Contact Hours. Ours is the only Nursing Spanish program with this accreditation in Latin America or Spain. Through these credits nursing professionals can earn 37 contact hours per week. These credits are good in all 50 states in the US.

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